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Spa Pedicure Kit

Spa Pedicure Kit


The complete kit for a professional pedicure at home. Composed of a hard skin removing gel, a file and a rich foot cream.

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In 3 simple steps, your feet will be smoother and softer!
Take the load off your feet with an ‘at-home spa day. In just 3 easy steps, your feet will be softer, smoother, nourished and moisturised.

An easy way to treat your feet at your convenience!

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Organic Argan Oil – ECOCERT Certified:
We are obsessed with this baby! Known as liquid gold (bling, bling) this oil deeply regenerates skin, reducing wrinkles and lines. Rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, it deeply moisturizes and protects skin, hair and nails.
Tea Tree Oil
Say bye-bye to bacteria! Tea Tree Oil is a powerful anti-inflamatory and anti-bacterial ingredient, used to treat nail fungus or as a natural acne treatment.


You will love it!


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