Dual Foot Cleanser

Dual Foot Cleanser


2 in 1 foot care with pumice stone & moisturizing cleansing gel for soft feet every day!

No more excuses not to have soft feet every day!
There are no more excuses not to have soft feet every day with this 2-in-1 and easy to use foot cleanser. With its built-in pumice stone and refreshing gel, it cleanses and softens feet while reducing hard skin and calluses, for incredibly soft and smooth feet.
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Tea Tree Oil
Say bye-bye to bacteria! Tea Tree Oil is a powerful anti-inflamatory and anti-bacterial ingredient, used to treat nail fungus or as a natural acne treatment.
Pepper mint
C’mon, its refreshing, its invigorating, and its smells yummy. What else do you need?
Organic Argan Oil – ECOCERT Certified
We are obsessed with this baby! Known as liquid gold (bling, bling) this oil deeply regenerates skin, reducing wrinkles and lines. Rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, it deeply moisturizes and protects skin, hair and nails.


You will love it!


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