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Nail & Cuticle Elixir



100% Natural strengthening nail care with botanical oils.

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SIX botanical extracts & SIX visible benefits!

 Organ Argan Oil: Strengthening

Joboba Oil: Nourishing

Sweet Almond Oil: Repairing

  Aloe Vera: Smoothing

 Rosehip Seed: Protecting

 Calendula: Antibacterial

100% Natural care

The natural answer to soft, weak nails that won´t stop breaking.


6 Key Benefits

The combination of oils work together in order to strengthen and reinforce the nails, allowing them to grow and giving you the perfect base for your next manicure.


6 Botanical Oils

Our ECOCERT certified organic ARGAN OIL, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, will nourish brittle nails, while ALOE VERA encourages skin regeneration around rough and broken cuticles.


You will love it!


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