This summer it doesn’t matter the destination, what matters is to bring your Beauty Routine «must haves»

Ready for summer vacations? Do you have everything? What about your summer beauty routine?  It isn’t important, where you go this glamorous summer it will be filled with unforgettable moments, never-ending laughs and maybe a few alluring cocktails to un-wind and get away from your never-ending routine in style!

beauty summer vacations

It’s not important where you go, but rather with who….and with what!!  Belle Azul has your vacation beauty needs covered.

City, country or beach vacation, wherever you go, Belle Azul has your summer beauty essentials with effective and easy makeup, skin and haircare leaving you to look your best and free to think about what and who you are going to see. We provide summer beauty routines and regimes so you´ll be perfect in any place. So, choose the beautiful destination and leave the rest up to us.


Paris Eiffel Tower

The City of lights: with the beautiful Eiffel tower, the Seine river, the quaint cobble stone streets, the famous cinematic view, the romantic buildings with their glamorous feel and lastly the irresistible cuisine; crepes, croissants, quiches and let’s not forget the wine! Without a doubt, some excellent reasons to visit Paris, as they say ¨ the dream of every women isn’t to find a good man but rather eat without getting fat¨ is never more true than in Paris.

Can you tour through the city as glamourous as a Parisian?

Easy! With our new BB Cream 8 Benefits in 1 your skin will look radiant and perfect while your lashes will be fuller, bolder and amplified to give them something to talk about with the 360º Volumizing Mascara

360 Mascara + BB Cream 8 Benefits in 1


Formentera Beach - Spain

As soon as you arrive to Formentera your body and mind will enter a totally relaxed state. With their incredible beaches and hidden gems, you will lose the notion of time. You can enjoy a good Paella in Ses Platgetes and dusk with one the unforgettable world renown sunsets. In the evening take advantage of the nightlife this little paradise offers, leave the routine behind. With your friends and a cocktail in Blue Bar you won’t need anything else.

The best look for nightlife this summer? Your natural tan and sun kissed glow of course!

Skin care is essential in summer beauty, The Belle Azul Dual Facial Cleanser an easy to use facial cleanser used together with 360º Mask Collection, a fun multi-masking kit will help you achieve that golden tan and smooth skin that you have been working on while at the beach and swimming in the crystal-clear waters.

Dual Facial Cleanser - 360º Mask Collection


New York - USA

Known by all as the Big Apple, New York is the city that never stops. From shopping on fifth avenue, climbing the empire state building, see the famous Statue of Liberty and walking through the skyscrapers in this concrete jungle an incredible experience.

It is a must on the bucket list if you have not been able to go yet. Loose yourself in the streets and enjoy the city that never sleeps.

Like never before The Big Apple so literally combined with the needs of your skin.

Our new BioSmart line contains apple stem cells that penetrate directly in your skin, leaving it moisturized, hydrated and ready for the next stop.
Very Dry Skin? Fine Lines? Wrinkles? Undereye bags?  It doesn’t matter! we have the perfect cream so you look radiant frolicking through New York with radiant and illuminated skin.

Belle Azul Bio Smart


Instabul - Turkey

Don’t miss any of the important monuments: Santa Sofia, the Palace of Topkapi or the Galata Tower! Try the local food, learn from their traditions and customs and submerge yourself in a world of new adventures.

Without a Doubt, Istanbul will memorize all your senses.

Landscapes, sunsets and its architecture make this city unique just like our: Pure Swiss Hyaluronic Serum. You can also leave frizz out of your travel plans, and bring with you Belle Azul Moroccan Hair Serum with a few drops your hair will shine picture perfect all day long.

Pure Swiss Hyaluronic Moroccan Hair Serum



It is never easy to agree on a summer trip with friends or opt for a destination to conquer the world with your special someone. An attractive option is to explore all the beaches of Sicily, Cerdeña and see the Italian coast, there is nothing better for you than an exciting Italian cruise, where as well as visiting all the best beaches you can indulge in the mouthwatering cuisine such as delicious pastas, lasagnas or the incredible Italian pizzas.

For trips like these you want to look your best and feel beautiful but it’s ideal to opt for the simplest in your beauty regime, something you can bring with you; comfortable, carefree and easy to use so that you can always be perfect and fresh without any hassle!

We recommend the illuminating Pure Swiss Eye Roll On, this light-weight serum helps cover dark circles, under eye bags and tired looking eyes. With this Eye Roller no one will be able to notice that you were partying the night before…Shhhh it’s our Little beauty secret. For more immediate results in eliminating under eye bags and those bothersome fine lines you can polish off your summer Beauty routine with our Instant Lift, it tightens the delicate skin under-eyes for firmer, younger, brighter appearance.

Pure Swiss Eye Roll On Instant Lift Belle Azul
Summer Vacations Beauty

Now gorgeous, enjoy your unforgettable vacations!