Summer is finally here! Before you take off your shoes at the beach to feel the lovely touch of the sea, you might want to do something about your dry, cracked heels that you have been hiding away all winter. Don’t worry, we’ve got you all covered!

Here are 5 Steps to Getting Your Holiday Feet Ready to Meet the Summer!

1. Soak your feet

Start off by deep cleaning your feet, soaking them in a tub of warm water with soap. Rub gently all over without overlooking the spaces between your toes where dirt is most likely to stick.

Follow with our Dual Foot Cleanser, 2-in-1 pumpice stone and foot cleansing gel. Based on antibacterial tea tree oil and moisturizing argan oil, it will clean and hydrate your feet in depth, leaving them soft and smooth!

2. Buff away hard skin

The next step would be to buff away the hard skin on your heels to reveal your beautiful, fresh-looking feet. You can try out our Spa Pedicure Kit, which comes with a hard skin removing gel, a double-sided file and a rich moisturizing foot cream.

Simply apply the hard skin removing gel and rub gently with the file to get rid of callus in minutes. The hot weather tends to dry out your feet, so repeating this procedure once a week in the summer would be highly appreciated by your feet.

3. Moisturize your feet

Once buffing away hard skin, it is time to dry up your clean feet and follow with a rich moisturizer. You can consider this the most important step that helps to seal in all the moisture you got from the luxurious spa treatment.

Use the Hydrating Foot Cream that comes in the Spa Pedicure Kit to give your deep hydration and nourishment. Avoid applying it between your toes as you want to keep the skin there dry to prevent infection.

4. Tend to your nails

Taking care of your nails should also be an important part of your pedicure treatment procedure. This will make your feet look much better! Our Dr. Nails Nail Treatment can help you achieve strong and healthy nails that you will be proud to show off this summer at the beach!

Enriched with tea tree and argan oil, Dr Nails strengthens and hydrates brittle nails, making them look more beautiful and resistant than ever. It also includes a nail file that you can use to easily remove yellow keratin debris.

5. Get creative with your nail polish

No pedicure is complete without some nail polish! Don’t be afraid to experiment with nail colours this summer – bright pink, hot red, sky blue, they are all waiting for you to try them! You can pull out inspiration from your outfit or from your surroundings.

Don’t forget to put a base coat, which will prevent your nails from turning yellow once you take off the nail polish. Top coat, on the other hand, will make it last longer and prevent chipping. Now, go out and rock these lovely-looking summer feet!