Have you ever wondered how Hollywood stars always look so flawless in spite of age and other factors? At Belle Azul, we are dedicated to making every girl feel like they have just stepped off the red carpet!

Our beauty experts have come together to reveal their top 7 beauty secrets to help you achieve that marvelous celebrity look!

Beauty Secrets: Body cream surrounded by roses

1. Skin Care is More Important Than Makeup

This one is a bit obvious, isn’t it? Focusing on your skin care in your daily routine, you can not only reduce the amount of makeup you need, but also make it look better on your skin! Skin care products often contain essential active ingredients that nourish your skin and make it look healthier and more radiant.

Caring for your skin enables you to prevent problems before they appear. You wouldn’t have to use tons of makeup to hide your acne. Rather, you would be able to enjoy perfectly clear skin with a slight, gentle touch of makeup to highlight your unique characteristics. The best thing is that if you don’t know how to apply makeup, you can always go fully natural!

2. The Goal of Makeup is to Highlight, Not to Hide

While makeup is often used to cover imperfections that we might be ashamed of, its true objective is to highlight certain features that make us proud. Makeup should be worn with confidence, while proving to the world that you are still comfortable in your own skin.

There is no need to hide behind tons of layers of makeup (foundation, concealer, highlighter, eyeshadows, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil etc.) to feel beautiful. The key to natural beauty is… to just keep it simple: with a bit of mascara and a nice lipstick on, you might as well impress everyone!

3. Beauty Products Should Be Stored Correctly

We all know that having our beauty items all stored together in the bathroom can be very pleasant on the eyes. At least, that’s how they always keep their products in the movies and it always looks very neat and tidy, doesn’t? Unfortunately, this shouldn’t be the case in real life.

Storing skincare and makeup products in the bathroom is not always a good idea, as the warm and humid atmosphere often makes them expire more quickly. In fact, some items need to be kept in the fridge, as per instructions. Don’t waste your beauty products just because they look nice together!

Makeup brushes
A woman showering

4. Showering with Hot Water is Bad for Your Skin

Taking a long hot shower before jumping into bed can be very relaxing and rewarding. It works amazing to relieve stress and soothe muscle stiffness. Unfortunately though for all hot showers lovers, hot water is not so beneficial for your skin…

Hot showers and baths can often dry out the skin, causing redness, itching and even peeling. They dehydrate your body and steal away essential nutrients that keep your skin healthy and glowing. Next time you shower, turn down the water temperature!

5. Applying Multiple Masks at Once Can Bring You Multiple Benefits

Facial masks are a great addition to our beauty routine, allowing us to optimise our results. You can find tons of masks with different goals: detoxifying, repairing, nourishing, illuminating, etc. What if we told you that you can combine a few of them at the same time to achieve optimal results?

Applying multiple masks at once allows you to target different areas of your face, thus creating a custom mask to meet the needs of each facial area. With this in mind, at Belle Azul we have designed the 360 Mask Collection, a flexible kit containing 3 different types of masks to deeply hydrate and detoxify your skin while preserving its youth.

6. You Are Not Too Young for Anti-Ageing Products

Talking about youth, being in your twenties, you are probably sceptical about using anti-ageing products. Why would you if you don’t have any wrinkles or lines yet? Anti-ageing products are for mature women, who suffer from signs of ageing, right?

Well, not exactly. While anti-ageing products are most often than not used by women over 40, they can also be very beneficial for the younger ones. Starting to use such beauty products in your twenties can help you effectively prevent early signs of ageing while retaining the young beautiful look of your skin for longer.

360 Mask Collection

7. Your Hair Needs More Care Than You Think

Having thick and shiny hair like the beautiful models that you often see on the TV adverts requires some effort. Your hair tends to be very sensitive when it’s wet, so you should treat it with extra care. Drying it with a towel or blow-drying when the hair is too wet can cause breakage and frizz. Same goes for brushing – better use your fingers to detangle it when it’s wet!

Using a heat protectant when you expose your hair to heat is a must. You can check out our Moroccan Hair Serum, which has been developed specifically to protect from heat damage and control frizz. To nourish and strengthen your hair in depth, it is also recommended that you do deep conditioning treatments at least once a week, using a leave-in mask. Treat your hair the way it deserves to be treated and we promise it will be worth it!