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Glossy Lip Plumper for fuller, luscious lips.

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Maximize your pout with a glossy, sleek finish!
Provides instant fullness, definition and hydration to your lips for a long lasting plump pout.

Dazzling shine with a clear, glossy finish and minty-cool sensation. Nourishes and smoothens lips thanks to Argan Oil.

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Organic Argan Oil – ECOCERT Certified
Rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, Argan Oil penetrates deep into the dermis to replenish moisture while healing imperfections and protecting skin from external aggressions.
Cayenne Pepper
This spicy extract helps boost blood circulation to get those lips plumped and sexy, ready for a kiss.
Mint extract
C’mon, its refreshing, its invigorating, and its smells yummy. What else do you need?


You will love it!


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