We are so happy to be able to connect with you and all our followers! We have been planning this for a long time. It’s been a long we wanted to and it’s finally possible through this little bubble on the internet

If you already know us, you may know we are all about Natural Beauty, but if you don’t let us introduce ourselves. We promise, it won’t be boring!

1. We are from, and love Barcelona
We draw our inspiration from the women of the wonderfully cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, who are able to effortlessly combine an urban, sporty, healthy, beachy lifestyle. But who are these Barcelona’s girls? You’ll be surprise: you are part of it!

2. We are Argan believers
We are truly fond of the Argan tree. Like it’s our obsession. From its oil to its stem cells, we are completely addicted to this magical fruit’s benefits. We produce our own Organic Argan Oil in Morocco, and of course we use it in our products 😉

3. We are blue
Blue is definitely our favorite color! Follow our blue posts on Instagram!

4. We believe that beauty should always be accessible, simple and fun
And that every woman in the world deserves the best quality products at a fair price.

5. We are Sea lovers
Because of its colour, its smell, its freedom, its naturalness. Because of its never ending beauty and because it inspires us. We are a Beauty brand with a quintessential Mediterranean touch.

This space is as much yours as it is ours: feel free to comment, share, write to us, ask us anything!
A touch of Love!
Belle Azul Team