Hello beauties !

At Belle Azul, we truly believe every face is unique and that every girl deserves to have her own customized beauty routine. Therefore, we have created a solution for your crazy lifestyle. Initially a hit in Korea; the multi-masking trend has now spread worldwide, and we’re going to show you how to multi-mask your way to flawless skin.

Ladies and gents, have a look at the following 4 combos that ensure your skin is ready for anything!

1. The Final Prep for a Girls Night Out

It’s Friday, your girls are on top, everyone is up for a dance. You want to achieve that ‘highlighter glow’ you have been seeing everywhere recently, but you could do without any glowing in that troublesome T zone. Begin your night out prep with Belle Azul 360 Mask Collection!! Apply Glow Revival on cheeks and forehead, and Instant Detox on your T zone, while listening to your fave music and choosing tonight’s outfit. Wait 10 minutes, then wash it off and hit the town ready to sparkle and shine!

2. The Morning After

You’ve been shining and dancing all night long. You can’t feel your feet anymore and your abs are hurting (you obviously laughed too much last night), your Instagram story is still on fire and your photo gallery is overloaded with funny pictures. There is just one problem, you’re a little less glowing and a little more grey than the night before; not a good look considering that Giorgio, the sexy Italian you met last night, is insisting on brunch. Don’t panic, don’t cancel. Apply Age Filler and Glow Revival, let it sit for 15 min, and get that all important glow back.

3. After a Tough Gym Sesh

It’s Monday and you have decided to reset your routine (just like every other Monday). You have killed it at the gym, those endorphins are dancing salsa in your brain and you feel like a lifting queen. However, the mirror doesn’t agree. More than never, healthy food and Netflix are calling you. While preparing your favourite salad, apply some Glow Revival and Instant Detox to your skin and let it work its magic!

4. Crazy Day at the Office

The week is almost over. Almost, but not quite. Mishha, your crazy, bipolar, freshly-divorced boss just started a new diet of protein, your nerves and your free time. Missha, the Drama Queen, has a serious ego, daily headaches and a never ending trust in your capabilities in resolving the problems she creates, however time consuming they are. It’s Friday, 3 AM and you are still at it. The next meeting with this dragon is in 6 hours. No sleep, no problem – Go home, take a bath  and pour yourself a glass of your favourite wine. Apply the Ultimate Fit combo to surprise Missha with the report on time and a fresh look she’ll never have.